Brittany Zajonz

Brittany Zajonz


I am an enthusiastic, dedicated CSEP Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. I completed the N.A.I.T Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma Program with honours. I also obtained my Corrective Exercise Specialist certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This certification better enables me to implement corrective exercise strategies to assist with correcting muscle imbalances and chronic pain.

I have been training primarily at Trueform since 2013. Over the years I have worked with a wide variety of clientele including people looking to achieve general weight loss/change in body composition, athletes, individuals dealing with health and/or performance issues (as they age or post athletic career).

I have a very good understanding of program design, whether you are looking to maintain or improve your overall health, size, power, strength or endurance.

Favourite Workout

I am obsessed with core workouts. I believe having a strong core is the fundamental basis of functional training seeing as all movement stems from the core. The stronger your core, the more powerful, controlled, and effortless all forms of movement become.

I also view bodyweight exercises as one of the most highly beneficial forms of activity. The ability to carry, move, and lift yourself with minimal fatigue will improve all individuals quality of life. A vast variety of push-ups and pull-ups are my go-to favourite exercises, plus anything and everything that has to do with legs.

Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is about creating a maintainable, balanced relationship between a healthy body and sound mind. I do feel there is a lot of truth in the saying 'everything in moderation'. Life is about doing the things that make you feel good, but assuring emphasis is placed on things that are good for you.

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