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Best Trainers in Town!

We’re a friendly, fun and welcoming bunch with a passion for fitness and years of experience training a diverse range of clients.Welcome to our Trueform community! In no time you’ll be on a first name basis with all of our trainers and even other clients too. We’ll invite you to join us for things like Saturday morning spin classes and Sunday morning Stairbucks (a stair workout and Starbucks).

We’re happy to help you prepare for a running or cycling race, or to coach you through a triathlon – in fact we may even join you and inspire you to do it! We’ve organized half marathon trips to San Francisco, Vegas and Phoenix, and Ironman trips to Hawaii, Penticton & Mont Tremblant. Plus, we can’t forget the Golden Triangle cycling trip in the Rocky Mountains. What race is on your bucket list? Let us know!


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