Stacey McEachern


I have been a certified personal trainer with Canfitpro since 2013 working with clients of all ages and abilities. I am a mom of 7, a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and have been practicing yoga for 20+ yrs with 500hr YTT . My journey with personal training began after my fifth pregnancy and significant weight gain. I hired a trainer for guidance and accountability, little did I know where that would lead me! After a few years working in the foster care program and a couple of adoptions later my passion for health and fitness led me to begin my career in personal training. I love helping to inspire and coach others to achieve their fitness goals, recover from injury, regain lost abilities or learn new skills they never thought possible.

Favourite Workout

For myself, my favourite style and go-to is a full body strength circuit. This is my "exercise roots" and will always be my favourite. That being said, I am always looking to push myself to try something new and exciting!

Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy

My philosophy for training is simple. Have fun in whatever training you’re doing! For me that is the key to success. Enjoyment is what will keep you on track and always wanting and pushing for more.

While I like to train with my clients whose goals range from corrective, sports performance, physique, functions and general health and of all ages, I try my very best to make our time as enjoyable, high energy and productive as I can. A few laughs along the way always makes that goal (whatever it may be) that much easier and enjoyable to reach!

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