Craig Murdoch

Craig Murdoch


I began my personal training career in 1995 after receiving a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree. Over the years, my passion for health and fitness continued to grow and was a catalyst to opening Trueform in 2004.

For over 20 years, I have enjoyed the challenge of training a very diverse clientele. I hold coaching certifications in triathlon, hockey and Olympic weight lifting. My experience and education have kept me busy in the Sherwood park community as a coach of many sports teams.

Some of my athletic accomplishments include: two time NJCAA All American and National Championship golfer, three Ironman Canada triathlon finishes as well as overall and age group triathlon wins.

Favourite Workout

Sport conditioning style workouts are my favourite. You need to turn on every system in your body. This should include the athleticism and raw power of an Olympic lift, the skill and control of core stability movement, and the heart pumping pace that will improve endurance.

Outside the gym nothing beats a swim, bike, or run in a beautiful mountain setting.

Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy

I strongly believe that the key to achieving optimal health and fitness is CONSISTENCY! Sustainable improvements in body composition, posture, flexibility, functional movement, strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, etc., only occur when you chip away at it day by day, month by month, year by year.

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