Robyn Fenske

Robyn Fenske


I started personal training 7 years ago at Trueform and I’ve been here ever since! I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Physical Education and am also a certified personal trainer through CSEP. Figure skating was where my love for being physically fit started, and I competed at a national level until I was 21 years old. Today I enjoy signing up for runs and other races to continue to challenge and push myself. I've trained people from 10 to 70 years old, and they range from elite athletes, to the average person wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to people recovering from injuries or surgery.

Favourite Workout

My favourite workout is something high intensity and dynamic. I love to get a good sweat on with a great circuit. Box jumps, stairs and some core are just a few of my favorites. You’ll catch me running stairs, trail running or biking in the river valley any chance I have to get outside when the weather is nice. If I'm really lucky I'll be out at the lake doing any water sport on a day off!

Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy

My philosophy for a healthy lifestyle is to find something that your passionate about, then the rest will fall into place. For myself I love variety, and to be challenged mentally and physically. I like to try new things, whether it be a half marathon, an obstacle run, Acroyoga, mountain biking or any kind of boot camp. If you find something you love it's easy to maintain.

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