Garrett Winkleman

Garrett Winkleman


I have been working at Trueform since 2012. I graduated form NAIT with a diploma in personal fitness training (with honours) as well as a CSEP-CPT certification and an NASM CES certification.

Over the years I have had the privilege to work with all types of client from many different backgrounds. I have trained elderly clients looking to increase range of motion, clients with neurological disorders, clients looking to increase their overall fitness and a wide variety of athletes from football players to Collegiate level rugby players to some from our local soccer team.

My experience over the years has made me comfortable with any client from any demographic group.

Favourite Workout

Endurance based workouts! I enjoy competing in long distance running and have been known to spend Saturday afternoons jogging in the river valley.

Being outside and active is very important to me, whether it’s a quick hiking trip to the mountains or competing in the Canadian Death Race.

It’s important to put in hard work at the gym so that I’m able to do these types of activities. In a gym setting, high intensity full body strength workouts are my favourite.

Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy

I think it is important to try to do something active everyday. I try not to look at it as this giant mountain I have to climb in 6 months, but instead as little hills that I need to climb every day. By the time six months has gone by you will have climbed the mountain!

I think it is more important to set active goals over weight loss goals. Sign up for a 5km run and train for that and you will lose weight along the way through your training. Keep yourself accountable and do a little bit each day!

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