1 On 1 Personal Training Sherwood Park

1 on 1 Personal Training

This is our specialty! Expect undivided attention and workouts that are catered 100% to your fitness goals. Each client’s program is individualized to his or her specific needs. Whatever your fitness goal, we’ll get you there!

Each one hour session is fun, challenging and full of variety. You’ll be feeling stronger and fitter in no time.

1 on 1 personal training is excellent for busy people that need scheduled work breaks, for people that are rehabilitating, for people with athletic goals, for pre and post-natal moms, for seniors wanting to gain strength, the list goes on…

Why Hire A Trueform Personal Trainer?

Working out at Trueform and having a Trueform personal trainer makes training fun! You’ll soon become friends with your trainer and get to know other trainers and clients too – all part of our Truefrom community approach.

Our personal trainers will make you feel comfortable and excited about getting fit. They will help you to stay motivated, keep you consistent as well as committed to your workout routine. They’ll have you achieving fitness levels you never thought you would or could!


At Trueform Personal Training we believe that hiring a personal trainer is an investment in your quality of life both for the now and long-term.  What better investment can you make than one that helps you to feel great?

All of our sessions are one hour in duration – trust us, that’s plenty of time!

The investment for 1 on 1 Personal Training is $65/session. If you’re looking for a lower pricepoint, you may want to consider Partner/Small Group Personal Training.

Get Started!

First things first, book a consultation. We want to meet you and understand your fitness goals. Ultimately, we want to make sure you feel comfortable.

We start with a kinetic chain assessment, which allows us to identify movement or postural dysfunction. As well, we assess muscular strength and cardio respiratory endurance. From here, we can identify a suitable starting point and begin!

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