Personal Training for Athletes

About Athlete Personal Training

We have been training a wide variety of pro, varsity and amateur athletes for over 12 years - hockey players, figure skaters, football players, baseball players, golfers, triathletes, marathoners and more!

Our athlete training programs will address the specific demands of the sport you compete in. The same training principles are applied, however for athletes, the intensity is higher and the exercises we focus on will be more sport specific.

The key for athletes is addressing postural and movement patterns. By improving mobility and functional flexibility, an athlete can now take performance to new levels. Our Periodized plans address four pillars: power/explosiveness, stability and balance, strength and endurance.


At Trueform Personal Training we believe that hiring a personal trainer is an investment in your quality of life both for the now and long-term.  What better investment can you make than one that helps you to feel great?

All of our sessions are one hour in duration – trust us, that’s plenty of time!

The investment for Athlete Personal Training is:

  • 1 Person – $65/session
  • 2 People – $45/session/person
  • 3 People – $35/session/person

Get Started!

First things first, book a consultation. We want to meet you and understand your fitness goals. Ultimately, we want to make sure you feel comfortable.

We start with a kinetic chain assessment, which allows us to identify movement or postural dysfunction. As well, we assess muscular strength and cardio respiratory endurance. From here, we can identify a suitable starting point and begin!

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