Partner Personal Training Sherwood Park

Partner Personal Training

Perfect for friends, couples and family that want to get fit and have fun together! In addition to all of the fitness and health benefits of personal training, partner personal training can also offer these advantages:

  • It creates camaraderie.
  • It creates accountability and keeps you honest.
  • It inspires friendly competition and therefore may increase the intensity of your workouts.
  • It helps you maintain contact with friends that you might not otherwise see very often.
  • It may be a less intimidating approach for those just getting into, or back into, fitness.


At Trueform Personal Training we believe that hiring a personal trainer is an investment in your quality of life both for the now and long-term.  What better investment can you make than one that helps you to feel great?

All of our sessions are one hour in duration – trust us, that’s plenty of time!

The investment for Partner Personal Training is:

  • 2 People – $45/session/person
  • 3 People – $35/session/person

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