Shauna Scheirer

Shauna Schierer


I began at Trueform as a client in 2005 which instilled the desire in me to pursue a new career in personal training. I officially joined the Trueform team in spring of 2017. I completed my CPT with National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2015 and most recently received my Corrective Exercise Specialty to better assist those with musculoskeletal imbalances. Prior to becoming a trainer I was an RN with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. My medical background has given me a more comprehensive, well-rounded understanding of a client’s health as it related to fitness and exercise.

Favourite Workout

I enjoy doing activities with others… I love to put the fun in a functional/strength workout. I was passionate about kickboxing. In recent years, the spin bike has become my good friend following a knee surgery. Some of my favourite pastimes are golf, hiking, mountain biking, and especially fishing. I also enjoy half-marathons, sprint triathlons and the Golden Triangle bike race in the Rockies.

Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy

My mantra in all areas of life and fitness is balance! Whatever area you devote time and attention to will grow and become stronger. Whether that is fitness/exercise, nutrition or relationships. Work out regularly doing something you love. Eat healthy but enjoy occasional treats. Get enough rest and recovery. Be committed to health but give yourself grace when you fail and never give up!

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